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2008-04-20 23:31:04 by FlamingLynx

where are my reviews people. Don't just leave me out in the cold!!!


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2008-04-21 06:05:20

dude. . . .srry but got to get off there,like go to the bbs or something,then ppl will come,if you say the right things and if yournot a geek or anything.just go,but i mush warn you,there are assholes that will say mean things and make you look bad.are you ready?

FlamingLynx responds:

I actually dunno cuz im really new to newgrounds and I'm not sur eif bad reviews is the thing i need to get noticed


2008-04-22 09:36:10

so if your new to newgrounds,your shy or something?well if you don't want friends in here and be bored i'm not going to stop you.are you shy?

FlamingLynx responds:

na trust me I'm far from shy I just don't want bad publicity to quickly


2008-04-23 10:06:27

the best way to get reviews is for reviewing other people songs. what you should do in reviews is just tell them what needs to be added if there is anything to be added. then talk about good stuff. then ask them to review your latest song. that's the best way to get reviewers.

FlamingLynx responds:

Thanks man I'll try that